Sustainability week

During one week in the september we will feel and experiences sustanability on different levels all around our regions. The programme for the week is created by all the different actors participating with own events and campaigns.


The Sustainability Week highlights the theme of sustainability and good examples of sustainable actions to the wider public. The week is an arena for discussion about current sustainability issues in the region, and to highlight sustainability work that is done in organisations.

The Sustainability Week addresses the challenge of sustainable development and circular economy in different sectors by:

  • Organising a week of sustainability representing responsible actions. The focus is on ecological, social and economical sustainability.
  • Inviting and encouraging different sectors, to organise events around the region on sustainability and circular economy bringing forward their own sustainable and responsible acts. Hence, it provides a platform to market own activities and find new customers, not only to buy products but also for behavioural change and ethics.

The Sustainability Week has been presented as a good practice for craft SMEs to access new markets and targets. The good practice guide contains 10 innovative practices from around Europe that could be transferable to other regions. Find the guide here!

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